We are the only breeders on the North coast to offer rabbit's meat products. We also produce the biggest rabbit in all Qubec province. The quality of our products is our first priority and our rabbits are raised as naturally as possible without flour or animal by-products. The rabbit's white meat is rich in protein and low in fat making it a healthy choice.

As we wish to make this delicious meat known, we offer different cuts and products such as sausages, terrines and pats.

Rabbit sausage

32,50 $/per kilo

Our inescapable rabbit sausage will make your BBQ a real succes ! Why wouldn't you trade your hot-dog for a hot-rabbit ?

Rabbit Rillette

8.50 $/80g

Why not discover the taste of the rabbit in a rillette ?

Complete rabbit

16.50 $/per kilo

It is about note vacuum packed whole rabbit. We produce the biggest rabbit in Quebec is from 1.5 to 1.8 kilos. He can be nourishing from 4 to 6 persons.

Rabbit in 6 pieces

19.25 $/1 rabbit

It is about a whole rabbit cut in 6 pieces, packed vacuum.

Weigh between 1.4 and 1.6kg ($25-30).

Rabbit's and cranberries pat

45.00 $/per kilo

Our terrine presents beautiful big pieces of flesh of rabbit and juicy cranberries. Our slices are portioned out for a thickness about 100 grams.

Guinea fowl is a poultry with tender, lean and tasty meat which is easy to incorporate into your diet. It's pink meat is firmer and more flavourful than chicken.

Our strong birds are raised according to extensive farming practices. Contrary to chickens which must find themselves on supermarket shelves within just 35 days, our guinea fowl are raised a minimum of 110 days in large spaces and are fed exclusively grains. They are thus able to run, fly and squalk as they were meant to !

Confit guinea fowl leg

38.50 $/per kilo

Slowly cooked in duck fat from la Ferme Basque.  A perfect choice with your summer salads.  You only have to heat the leg in its package and serve.

35.00 $/per kilo

It is about the breast accompanied with the wing, collectively called the wing, what gets for it some more of taste for the cooking. Ideal to marinade and make roast on the barbecue in summer or still cut them in cubes for brochettes !

Guinea fowl legs

15.50 $/per kilo

Offered in package of 6, packed vacuum.

Guinea fowl gold liver

50.00 $/per kilo

Offered in package of 500 gr packed vacuum.

Apricot and pistachio guinea fowl terrine

40.00 $/per kilo

Made with top-quality ingredients this terrine will please you from the narrow-minded first one. Try with our jelly of peppers there!

Guinea fowl sausage

28.95 $/per kilo

Made from fresh coriander, from ginger and lemon, its refreshing taste will surprise you !

10.95 $/1 unit

Our new liver pâté doubtless is to be put on the table for all the opportunities. Flavored with a syrup of amélanchier of the Orchards Pedneault its sweet-salty taste is unique.

Egg Rolls

9.95 $/1

Delicious egg rolls made with our guinea fowl leg confit, carrots, cabbage.

Complete guinea fowl

14.00 $/per kilo

As quite other poultry, a simple way of the cusiner is to cook her(it) whole. Our guinea fowls can suffir to four persons and weigh on average 1.5 kilos.

BBQ Guinea fowl wings

7.25 $/pack of 8 to 10 wings

Ideal for a little treat between friends, you will be charmed by our delicious slightly spiced wings!

Guinea fowl rillette

8.50 $/80g
 Perfect size for a picnic, for a hurried bite or to a distinguished entrance !
Our smallest fowl has much to offer. It's tender meat is a treat. Either stuffed as an appetizer or on the barbecue in the summer they will definitely whet your appetite.

Quail's lovely little eggs also offer a unique experience for the palate as well as for the eyes. Boiled, pickled, fried or poached, you decide !

Fresh quail's eggs

3.75 $/15

Come to look for them directly in the farm to cook them in your way !

Marinated quail's eggs

5.50 $/

Small jar.

Marinated quail's eggs

7.50 $/

Big jar.

This king of the pen cannot be missed in our outdoor grounds. Raised for it's meat as well as the hunt, come see them during the holiday season. It's well-known meat has been on the plates of "foodies" for seasons and is likely the best known of our birds.

Whole vacuum-packed pheasants are available at our shop !

Complete pheasant

16.25 $/per kilo

Flavorful, this complete pheasant is exclusively at our boutique.

Smoked pheasant gel

11.00 $/80g

This delicious gel is ideal for a remarquable entrée !


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